Developed and put forward толкование слов

Developed and put forward толкование слов

ease — [n1] peace, quiet; lack of difficulty affluence, ataraxia, bed of roses*, calm, calmness, comfort, content, contentment, easiness, enjoyment, gratification, happiness, idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness, leisure, luxury, passivity, peace of … New thesaurus

ease — 1 noun (U) 1 with ease if you do something with ease, it is very easy for you to do it: The car travelled smoothly up the hillside, taking the bends with ease. | It was the ease with which the burglars got into the house that worried her. | with… … Longman dictionary of contemporary English

ease — <>I.<> noun ADJECTIVE ▪ consummate (esp. BrE), great ▪ astonishing, incredible, remarkable, surprising ▪ alarming (esp. BrE) … Collocations dictionary

ease — 1. noun 1) he defeated them all with ease Syn: effortlessness, no trouble, simplicity; deftness, adroitness, proficiency, mastery Ant: difficulty 2) his ease of manner Syn … Thesaurus of popular words

ease — Synonyms and related words: Atticism, Bohemianism, Easy Street, abandon, abate, abatement, abet, abundance, acceptance, adeptness, adroitness, advance, affability, affluence, aid, alienation, allay, allayment, alleviate, alleviation, allow for,… … Moby Thesaurus

forward — <>I.<> noun Forward is used after these nouns: ↑rugby <>II.<> verb Forward is used with these nouns as the object: ↑copy, ↑email, ↑information, ↑letter, ↑mail, ↑message, ↑query, ↑ … Collocations dictionary

ease — n 1. comfort, relaxation, well being, complacency; repose, rest, restfulness, peace, peacefulness; serenity, calm, calmness, tranquillity, stillness; peace of mind, security, contentment, content. 2. facility, dexterity, adroitness, skill,… … A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

No Longer at Ease — 1st edition cover … Wikipedia

To set forward — Set Set (s[e^]t), v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] [OE. setten, AS. setton; akin to OS. settian, OFries. setta, D. zetten, OHG. sezzen, G. setzen, Icel. setja, Sw. s[ a]tta, Dan. s?tte, Goth. satjan; causative from the root… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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look forward — verb expect or hope for (Freq. 7) I look to hear from you soon • Hypernyms: ↑expect, ↑look, ↑await, ↑wait • Verb Frames: Somebody s PP * * * … Useful english dictionary


Developed and put forward толкование слов

Forward Commitment Procurement — (FCP) is a procurement model that can be used to deliver cost effective environmental products and services to the public sector and help to create the market conditions in which the environmental goods and services sector can thrive.The model… … Wikipedia

guidance — guid|ance W3 [ˈgaıdəns] n [U] 1.) help and advice that is given to someone about their work, education, or personal life guidance on/about ▪ I went to a counselor for guidance on my career. under sb s expert guidance ▪ I was looking forward to… … Dictionary of contemporary English

Advanced Parking Guidance System — (APGS) is an automatic parking system first developed by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2004 for its latest Lexus models and also the Japanese market hybrid Prius models. In Europe, the APGS is marketed as the Intelligent Park Assist system. On… … Wikipedia

Jewish Daily Forward — ▪ American newspaper Yiddish Forverts Yiddish language newspaper published in New York City and in regional centres in the United States. The Forward was founded in 1897 by the Jewish Socialist Press Federation as a civic aid and a … Universalium

Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance — (RISUG), formerly referred to as SMA, is the development name of a male contraceptive developed at IIT (Delhi) in India by Dr. Sujoy K Guha. It is currently undergoing Phase III clinical trials in India. It has been patented in India, China,… … Wikipedia

GBU-15 — Guided Bomb Unit 15 is an unpowered, glide weapon used to destroy high value enemy targets. It was designed for use with F 15E Strike Eagle, F 111 Aardvark and F 4 Phantom II aircraft, but the United States Air Force is currently only deploying… … Wikipedia

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Protecting power — A protecting power is a state which somehow protects another state, and/or represents the interests of the protected state s citizens in a third state. In diplomatic usage, protecting power refers to a relationship that may occur when two… … Wikipedia

MGM-31 Pershing — Pershing was a family of solid fueled two stage medium range ballistic missiles designed and built by Martin Marietta to replace the Redstone missile as the United States Army s primary theater level weapon. The Pershing systems lasted over 30… … Wikipedia

SOX 404 top-down risk assessment — In financial auditing of public companies in the United States, SOX 404 top down risk assessment (TDRA) is a financial risk assessment performed to comply with Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX 404). The term is used by the U.S.… … Wikipedia

AIM-9 Sidewinder — Infobox Weapon is missile=yes name=AIM 9 Sidewinder caption= origin= United States type=Short range air to air missile used by= manufacturer=Nammo Raytheon Company Ford Aerospace Loral Corp. unit cost=US$85,000 propellant= production… … Wikipedia

Apollo Command/Service Module — Apollo CSM The Apollo 15 CSM in lunar orbit Description Role: Earth and Lunar Orbit Crew: 3; CDR, CM pilot, LM pilot Dimensions Height: 36.2 ft 11.03 m … Wikipedia


Developed and put forward толкование слов

The Way Forward — Ford Motor Company s restructuring plan, made public in 2006, is known as The Way Forward.Ford is attempting to reduce fixed capital costs while maintaining a special focus on cars and car based crossover vehicles. Over time, it hopes to make… … Wikipedia

The Way of the World (book) — Infobox book | name = The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism author = Ron Suskind country = United States language = English subject = Politics publisher = Harper release date = August 5, 2008 pages = 432 isbn =… … Wikipedia

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Two-way forward — In ice hockey, a two way forward is a forward who handles defensive aspects of the game as well as offensive aspects. Typically a player s frame is not an issue whether he or she can be a two way forward. Perseverance is a key to be a two way… … Wikipedia

Conservative Way Forward — CWF logo Part of the Politics series on … Wikipedia

point the way — to show what can or should be done in the future. Their recent work on developing an AIDS vaccine points the way forward. Her speeches pointed the way to several important social reforms. (often + to) … New idioms dictionary

All the Way (Eddie Vedder song) — Infobox Single Name = All the Way Cover size = Caption = Artist = Eddie Vedder from Album = A side = B side = Released = September 18, 2008 Format = CD single, Digital download Recorded = August 21, 2008 – August 22, 2008, Auditorium Theatre,… … Wikipedia

Let Love Lead the Way — Infobox Single Name = Let Love Lead the Way Artist = Spice Girls Album = Forever A side = Holler Released = 23 October 2000 (UK) Format = CD single Recorded = 2000 Genre = Pop Length = 4:57 (Album Version) 4:15 (Radio Edit) Label = Virgin Writer … Wikipedia

All the Way to the Sun — Infobox Album | Name = All the Way to the Sun Type = Album Artist = TNT Released = 2005 Recorded = Genre = Hard rock, Heavy Metal Length = Label = MTM Producer = Tony Harnell, Ronni Le Tekro Reviews = Last album = My Religion (2004) This album =… … Wikipedia

The One Network — Type Defunct brand of Global Radio Industry Broadcasting Founded 2005 2009 Headquarters … Wikipedia

way — way1 W1S1 [weı] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(method)¦ 2¦(manner)¦ 3¦(direction/how to go somewhere)¦ 4¦(part of something that is true)¦ 5¦(distance/time)¦ 6¦(the space in front of you)¦ 7 make way (for something/somebody) 8 out of the way 9 on the/your/its way … Dictionary of contemporary English


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